Unit Testing with C#


Hi all!

I was playing with unit tests in a real C# project, isn’t very difficult just creating a new project with the purpose to test your main project. But be careful with all actions you want to test, they must be decoupled and available to be executed outside its class.

So I want to share with you a simple solution made with C# and Visual Studio 2017. On it you could find two projects: one with the main code which controlls the weight of people who enter inside an elevator and the other project is in charge to execute the unit tests automatically:


Check it out on my GitHub account, and feel free to download and play with it.



A new beginning


Hi friends,

Four months ago I started to work with a great team: Corsegames, and I’m very excited because we have a lot of good projects for a near future.

The last weekend, we were enjoying the Global Game Jam, and this is the game that we made: Tutuki Smash.

Tutuki Smash

It’s a 4 player competition where each one have to press the correct combination key in the same keyboard. There is a magic booster that allows to fire a lightning bolt and then substract points to other players.

(Note: the game doesn’t work in Chrome, use Firefox instead)

A new experience every time you play


Hi there!

I always liked games which give you different experiences while you are playing, so I added few different types of gameplays in mine. At the moment I have 4 planet categories and inside each one could have variations:


This is the main gameplay of the game. You have to collect a determinate number of energy balls in order to open the portal which allows you jump to next planet.

Planet transport

Planet transition

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Use items to go further


You are a space ship pilot trapped into planets gravity in an unknown planetary system, and you have to scape from many planets as you can.
The transport between planets consists in a magical portal that it will be available collecting a determined number of energy balls. Be careful with these balls because they will make you to go faster. Every planet has its own structures, if you touch them you will lose your energy shield, and lose all energy balls that you had collected.
In order to make this advance more easy, you could use some items which will help you to go more further (visual fx still wip):

Speed up / down

You can reduce your speed with the Speed down item. Be careful to collect the Speed up item, it will make you double speed.

Speed up/down

Speed up/down

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