A new experience every time you play


Hi there!

I always liked games which give you different experiences while you are playing, so I added few different types of gameplays in mine. At the moment I have 4 planet categories and inside each one could have variations:


This is the main gameplay of the game. You have to collect a determinate number of energy balls in order to open the portal which allows you jump to next planet.

Planet transport

Planet transition


Planets with bonus gameplay are plenty of energy balls which give you a lot of points.

Bonus level

Bonus level


In these planets you could find any kind of enemies, I have implemented UFOs for now. You must pursuit and touch them with the Breaker force field to destroy them, be carefull because there are some type of UFOs who don’t move in a straight way.

UFOs battle

Battle against UFOs


And finally the planets who will test your reflexes. It will be different types of gameplays inside this category, for now I have developed the Meteor rain. You must survive 30 seconds in this planet.


Meteor rain


All types of gameplays have variations like the number of energy balls, structures, UFOs, planet dimensions, colors… with random distribution and procedural execution, creating a new experience every time you play the game.






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