A new experience every time you play


Hi there!

I always liked games which give you different experiences while you are playing, so I added few different types of gameplays in mine. At the moment I have 4 planet categories and inside each one could have variations:


This is the main gameplay of the game. You have to collect a determinate number of energy balls in order to open the portal which allows you jump to next planet.

Planet transport

Planet transition

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Use items to go further


You are a space ship pilot trapped into planets gravity in an unknown planetary system, and you have to scape from many planets as you can.
The transport between planets consists in a magical portal that it will be available collecting a determined number of energy balls. Be careful with these balls because they will make you to go faster. Every planet has its own structures, if you touch them you will lose your energy shield, and lose all energy balls that you had collected.
In order to make this advance more easy, you could use some items which will help you to go more further (visual fx still wip):

Speed up / down

You can reduce your speed with the Speed down item. Be careful to collect the Speed up item, it will make you double speed.

Speed up/down

Speed up/down

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Baking ambient occlusion texture


Hi there,

these days I’m developing my low poly game, now I’m testing shaders and textures for planets structures. Finally I found a way I like how it looks like:

p_scape_aoThe structures had a flat color with a diffuse shader, but when I introduced an ambient occlusion texture with the color of the diffuse it changed completly and now it looks like much better.

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Custom culling with box collider



Working in my low poly game I noticed that I have a lot of draw calls and bad performance in mobile devices, so I decided to print on screen only what the player is watching.  My game has random elements and I cannot put them on static mode and neither bake lightmaps, so I introduced a box collider attached in the player ship in order to move it with his point of view . This collider enables/disables the elements renderer when it collides with them, you can see it in this mini-video:

Random color palettes


Hi friends,

I’m testing color palettes in random mode. I have 15 different color palettes with 5 five colors each one, then one of them is selected randomly and every color is mixed in the same way, so every color palette selection I have a lot of combinations:

testing colors

An example of few color combinations


Still WIP


Hi friends!

These days I don’t have much time to spend in developing my low poly game: an endless space runner where you can jump through planets and prove your skill, but the project is still alive. I want to share with you an early but playable version of the game. You can test it pressing click on the image:

Planet scape