Baking ambient occlusion texture


Hi there,

these days I’m developing my low poly game, now I’m testing shaders and textures for planets structures. Finally I found a way I like how it looks like:

p_scape_aoThe structures had a flat color with a diffuse shader, but when I introduced an ambient occlusion texture with the color of the diffuse it changed completly and now it looks like much better.

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Different structures


Hi friends,

I made 6 packs of structures with 3-4 models each one, these structures will be part of the landscape of each planet, take a look how it looks like:


New look for Cranko


Crankworks Games

Dear friends,

the last days we have worked hard to create a cartoon look & feel for our game, Cranko.

The scenary were redesigned from the last release and we are working to improve the gameplay and graphics, you can get an idea with these screenshots:

cranko-beach Cranko beach

Cranko sewers Cranko sewers

We will share a demo soon, stay alert! 😀

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A bunch of props



recently I learned how to modeling with Autodesk Maya, it ‘s funny. I tried to make some props which nowadays are in use into Cranko’s game.

Maya props

Scene mounted on Unity 3D

The steps that I follow: after modeling I made the UV maps to prepare the Diffuse drawn with Photoshop and finally I have applied the Normal, Occlusion, Specular and Displacement all of these made from the Diffuse.

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