Baking ambient occlusion texture


Hi there,

these days I’m developing my low poly game, now I’m testing shaders and textures for planets structures. Finally I found a way I like how it looks like:

p_scape_aoThe structures had a flat color with a diffuse shader, but when I introduced an ambient occlusion texture with the color of the diffuse it changed completly and now it looks like much better.

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Random color palettes


Hi friends,

I’m testing color palettes in random mode. I have 15 different color palettes with 5 five colors each one, then one of them is selected randomly and every color is mixed in the same way, so every color palette selection I have a lot of combinations:

testing colors

An example of few color combinations


A bunch of props



recently I learned how to modeling with Autodesk Maya, it ‘s funny. I tried to make some props which nowadays are in use into Cranko’s game.

Maya props

Scene mounted on Unity 3D

The steps that I follow: after modeling I made the UV maps to prepare the Diffuse drawn with Photoshop and finally I have applied the Normal, Occlusion, Specular and Displacement all of these made from the Diffuse.

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